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Miss Meyer

Fuck My Life- Die unterhaltsamste Website neben Facebook

Die Website Fmylife.com bietet köstlich- peinliche Episoden aus dem Leben anderer. Hier ein paar Müsterli.

Fuck My Life- Die unterhaltsamste Website neben Facebook

Today, I heard on a TV show that it's possible to fit a standard light-bulb in your mouth, but it can't removed afterwards. I just had to try this out. And then visit the local hospital as a result. FML


Today, I received an email from my boyfriend. It contained a link to a site that was titled "How to Give Head". It also said "Have a nice day!" FML Today, I lied to my diary about getting laid. FML (Mein aktueller Favorit)


Today, I walked in on my boyfriend masturbating furiously. To Star Trek. FML (furiously, haha) Today, I wake up, switch on TV and the first thing I see is the picture of a wanted rapist who looks just like me. I’m afraid to leave home. FML


Today, I went to rent a DVD with my 85-year-old grandpa. I was walking around and then realized I was alone. I looked for him for quite a while until I finally found him open-mouthed in the porn section. FML

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Today, on the bus, a young high school boy sat down next to me and started to chat me up. I thought it was cute until he asked me which high school I was attending. I'm 27, I'm married, I have a child. FML


Today, I was reading the end of my book. I turn the page and see, written at the top: "Lauren kills Paul in the end... You shouldn't have pissed me off." It was from my sister, we had a fight yesterday. FML


am 08.09.2011
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