Einmal aussehen wie Sarah Jessica Parker Kurliger Typ stellt «Sex and the City»-Looks nach

Sie war lange DIE Stilikone schlechthin: Sarah Jessica Parker als Carrie Bradshaw in «Sex and the City». Ihre Looks wirken bis heute nach, wie der Amerikaner Dan Clay beweist. Auf Instagram stellt er Carries Looks nach – und ist dabei nicht einmal so schlecht!

Alles begann mit einem Halloween-Kostüm. Dan Clay wählte einen Look von Carrie Bradshaw, der Hauptfigur aus der Serie «Sex and the City», wie Gala.de schreibt. Einen rosafarbenen Body inklusive weissem Tüllrock. Das Bild stellt der New Yorker auf seinen Instagram-Account – und erhält dafür ein riesiges Echo.

Sogar Sarah Jessica Parker, 52, persönlich meldet sich und schreibt dem New Yorker auf Instagram:

Seither hat Dan Clay einen Narren an den Carrie-Looks gefressen. Fast wöchentlich präsentiert er sich seinen Followern in «Sex and the City»-Outfits.


There’s no better city in the world than New York in the spring. Long lazy picnics in Central Park, farmer’s market pretzels in Union Square, freshly planted tulips on Park Avenue. And as flowers bloom, fashion blossoms. Daisies & Dior. Lilies & Lanvin. Gladiolus & Galliano. As I looked at all the flowers opening up, I couldn’t help but wonder: Maybe I could, too. Maybe I could let my heart out of hibernation and open myself up to love. After all, seasons change. Can people? With a spring in my step, I was frozen no more. And the best part is: When your heart blooms, you don’t even have to stop to smell the roses. The flowers follow you. And that’s just fabulous. Because even a New Yorker needs a little nature. #CarrieDragshaw

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Dabei legt er nicht nur Wert auf das Aussehen, sondern versucht auch, die Szenen so gut wie möglich nachzustellen. Sei es mit der «McDonald's»-Tüte...

...im bauchfreien Top...

...oder einfach zu Hause...


Life isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it’s messy, and gritty, and hurtful, and hard. And sometimes it feels like life’s biggest lesson is just how to live with pain. As I took a break from trying to fix my life and instead tried to fix my kitchen, I couldn’t help but wonder: Can you ever really renovate your self? How many coats does it take to paint over pain? And even if it looks like you've gone from drab to fab, will some of us always be fixer-uppers? After all, I have bad hair days and bad mood days. Sometimes I get upset over nothing, and sometimes I feel nothing when I should be upset. I make mistakes. I stay out too late. I drink on an empty stomach and I sneak cigarettes and I let bad people in while I push good ones away. And my biggest fear is that no remodel could really cover up my deepest secret: I’m not perfect. And I have dents and scratches and imperfections that even a fresh coat of paint can’t hide. But just like Beyoncé and Bowie, sometimes the best thing to do is to paint anyway. To paint your face and remodel your self with the Sasha Fierceness you need and the magic Aladdin that'll keep you Sane. It's not faking it. It's making it. And even if you never turn out perfect, it's better to go down painting than sit around waiting for the handyman. Because maybe the one who can fix you, is you. But a side of you you haven't discovered yet. And maybe that's life's ultimate do-it-yourself project. To create your Self. And if we do it together, do-it-yourself won't mean alone. #CarrieDragshaw

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Inzwischen hat Dan Clay fast 52'000 Follower und gibt sogar selbst schon Interviews, wie beispielsweise der «New York Post».

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